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Precision at Your Fingertips with TopNET

With more than 700 stations in the United States, TopNET live is the largest network in the country. The fastest growing network globally with networks in over 25 countries A productivity-enhancing and cost-reducing opportunity for clients and users The most flexible network in the world A reliable network with 24/7 accessibility that subscribers have the ability to quickly connect to a reliable network

RDO Integrated Controls is committed to fielding and supporting this network across our footprint in Arizona, California, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. This is in addition to coverage already established in 19 other states to include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

Network Partner Plan

Your Investment: $13,500 per reference station (includes base station, site location recommendations and connection of the Net GS receiver to customer's supplied network port).

RDOIC will provide connection support and setup; customer is responsible for antenna installation, cabling, and internet connection to the receiver.

You Receive: Three annual subscriptions (three separate units) per year at no charge per reference station purchased as long as reference station is active in RDOIC TopNET live network.

  • $250/month discounted base rental for any project located outside of the RDOIC TopNET live network where a base station is required per reference station purchased.
  • 25 percent Discounted purchase price on Modem boards for existing equipment. (Installation additional charge)
Additional Subscriptions: Subscription pricing (/or units greater than three)
  • Yearly Pricing is set at $1,300/per year, per unit connected.
  • An hourly package is available at $800 for a 100 hour block of time. (Time does not expire until used.)
  • If partner purchases multiple reference stations, they receive 3x annual subscriptions for each.
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