Machine Control

Machine Control

The machine control experts at RDO Integrated Controls work closely with you to ensure your success, from the installation process through ongoing training and service. Our unmatched customer support extends to the RDO Integrated Controls Solutions Center, providing you with direct phone support to machine control technicians committed to your up-time.

Rework costs you time and money. A machine control system through RDO Integrated Controls is the solution you need to improve machine productivity, lower operating costs and improve job accuracy. You'll add more to your bottom line as you reduce materials costs and rework.
  • For the construction industry, machine control systems are available for just about any machine you may have: graders, dozers, excavators, pavers and more.
  • We carry the latest Topcon equipment, which has long set the standard of accuracy, durability, and affordability in machine control and the automation of construction equipment.
  • With one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the industry, Topcon machine control systems are simple to use.
  • All our machine control products are scalable and upgradeable.

Machine control isn't just for the construction industry. As a distributor of Carlson Software's mining machine control products, RDO Integrated Controls also provides machine control solutions for the mining, landfill, dredging, and 3D drilling markets.

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