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What are the benefits of partnering with RDO Integrated Controls? Improved safety, accountability, and profitability of a mine.

Mining operations are one of the most progressive industries in terms of safety and productivity. The ability of a mine to manage employees and machines, efficiently produce material, and account for them in a timely manner is critical.

RDO Integrated Controls supports mining with four methods to ensure success:

  • Machine intelligence allows mine operators need to be aware of all operating machines and their staff in real-time. Who is working, where, the activity or delay, how much material—each load or overall, of what kind or grade of material. They also need machine updates on issues regarding maintenance and operation. With automatic reporting through machine intelligence, managers and engineers can focus on what is not working and how it can be improved.
  • Machine Control systems help operators implement design changes efficiently and accurately. The systems are simple for operators to use and designed to hold up in a mining environment.
  • UAS/Drone systems account for materials and operations with daily, weekly, or monthly reporting. These systems are also beneficial to know what is there before you start working for environmental and reclamation purposes.
  • RDO Integrated Controls Solution Center provides a support team available to ensure the continued operation of these systems. In addition to technical support should something unexpected occur, this team can communicate preventative measures to prevent costly downtime.



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