Within the landfill industry, maximizing existing airspace through effective compaction is a primary concern. No matter where you’re running a landfill, tracking and reducing airspace consumption in real-time is a challenge. RDO Integrated Controls has the solution.

As the premier dealer of Carlson Landfill GNSS/GPS technology with hundreds of years of technical experience to draw upon, RDO Integrated Controls easily provides landfill managers and engineers with cutting-edge GPS equipment specifically tailored to each of our landfill customers, site challenges, and budgetary considerations.

RDO Integrated Controls is the industry leader for landfill GPS, with multiple store locations across the United States and exclusive partnerships with leading software and hardware firms such as Carlson, Topcon, Rajant, Sokkia, and more.

Contact our landfill technology team and let us help you make the right decision for your GPS technology purchase.

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