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Privacy Statement

RDO Equipment Co. will not share or sell your email address or any information you submit to us. All information provided is for the sole use of RDO Equipment Co., and our company respects the confidential nature of your personal information. You have authorized RDO Equipment Co. to contact you to learn more about the company and its products. This site is not hosted on a secure server; therefore, please do not send Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or any other private data.

Privacy and Data Policy Overview
Effective Date: Feb 16th, 2014

This is only a summary of our Privacy and Data Policy. For more information you can review a complete version of our Privacy and Data Policy, available at the bottom of this page.

This Privacy and Data Policy Overview provides a description of the privacy and data use practices of RDO Equipment Co. (“us”, “we” or “our”) in connection with our receipt, collection and use of data and information from you as our customer, visitor, or user, as applicable. The policy may be changed or updated from time to time. If there is any conflict between this Overview and our full Privacy and Data Policy, the terms of our full Privacy and Data Policy will control.

Collection of Data:

The types of information we collect and share depend on the products or services you purchase, license or access from us or third parties through which you have authorized us to receive information (such as through John Deere’s JD LinkTM Telematics system or Trimble’s “Connected Farm” system). We generally receive, collect, use and share both Customer Data (including social security numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information) and Machine Data (information related to the performance, use, and location of equipment or computers with various information collection devices) as described in this Policy (collectively “Data”). You agree to notify all personnel that use any tracked equipment that their use and location is remotely monitored. If you need to update or change any information which you previously provided to us then you may contact us at

Protection of Data:

We strive to protect your Data using commercially reasonable standards. We use a variety of commercially reasonable security technologies to help protect your Data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. However, the use of such standards and security technologies is not, and should not be considered to be, any type of guarantee or warranty by us that your Data will not be accessed by third parties.

Sharing and Use of Data:

We use your Data to provide products, services and information to you. Some of the services are designed to allow faster communications and responsiveness between you and us to ensure that we provide services to you as efficiently as possible. We may also review equipment diagnostic information remotely to diagnose and recommend equipment maintenance and repairs. We share your information with certain third parties in order to better serve you or upon your request or approval. These third parties may include equipment suppliers, financing institutions or other third party service providers who assist us in providing the products and services you request or their respective subsidiaries or affiliates. We also may share your information with our marketing, technical, accounting, legal or other professionals to assist us in our business operations. If you purchase products for personal, family, or household use through financing that is provided by us or facilitated by us, you may request that we not share your personal information derived from that transaction with unaffiliated third parties by returning the opt-out form at the bottom of our Privacy and Data Use Policy.