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3D Modeling Services

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Our investments in software and personnel give us the ability to offer you consultations and data prep for all of your 3D Modeling and Takeoff requirements.

  • Able to work across all platforms
  • Convert models from Geopak and Micro Station files to Topcon or competing format

Our in-house specialists have more than 50 years of construction experience and 3D modeling expertise in the heavy civil industry.

Fully utilize 3D Models in areas such as:

Project Estimating

  • Quality takeoffs
  • Google Earth exports
  • Jobsite visualization

Project Management

  • Grading plans
  • Pay quantity comparisons for payment applications
  • Process design changes and understand the effects
  • Track and document jobsite productions

Jobsite Data

  • Existing ground verifications
  • Machine control data
  • Data manipulations
  • Survey and layout data
  • Quantify design changes